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Extra Space

Maybe you have out grown your house or have little storage space. Or you have lived in your home for some time and have accumulated more than you can handle. No matter your situation, Mobile Storage Locker offers a portable storage solution to help you organize your home and clean out that clutter! You have the option to store the storage locker on-site at your location or off-site at our secure storage facility.


Seasonal storage

Do you have holiday decorations, sporting equipment, or boxes that have taken over your garage or business and every ounce of storage space you have? Store your items at our facility in a Mobile Storage Locker and have it delivered to your home or business when ever you need them.



We Have

       - Dollies

       - Moving Blankets

       - Boxes

       - And More

Make your packing less stressful by ordering your supplies and having the supplies delivered with your Mobile Storage Locker.

On-site storage

If you are a contractor, having work done to your home or office, or need extra space, Mobile Storage Locker offers portable storage containers so we can provide you the extra space needed to securely store your valuable items or construction materials on-site until the construction process is complete, or until you no longer need the extra space. You will have easy access to you belonging any time of the day.


off-site storage

Are you looking for a mini storage facility but want the convenience of a Mobile Storage Locker? You now have the option for off-site storage which allows you to fill the storage locker at your location and then moved to our facility for off-site storage. You load the storage locker at your own pace and leave the rest to us. With a standard mini storage facility you will need to rent a truck which includes paying for gas, mileage used, insurance, & truck rental. You will also have to load and unload the rental truck twice. Once moving your items to the self storage and once moving your items back to your house or business This sounds like a lot of extra work. This is why Mobile Storage Locker is the least stressful and is most cost effective for your storage needs. 


rent Mobile storage locker for all your storage needs