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22ft mobile storage locker

Dimensions: 22ft LONG by 8ft WIDE (176sf / 1260cu ft)

typically holds 4-5 rooms

26ft mobile storage locker

Dimensions for 26': 26ft LONG by 8ft WIDE (208sf / 1456cu ft)

Dimensions for 26'xl: 26ft LONG by 8.5ft WIDE (221sf / 1768cu ft)

typically holds 5-7 rooms

18ft mobile storage locker

Dimensions: 18ft LONG by 8ft WIDE (144sf / 1008cu ft)

typically holds 3-4 rooms

12ft mobile storage locker

Dimensions: 12ft LONG by 8ft WIDE (96sf / 768cu ft)

typically holds 2-3 rooms

Mobile storage locker specifications & Sizes

Pre Rental inspection

Before we rent you a Mobile Storage Locker, it goes through a thorough inspection. This helps ensure that every storage locker meets your expectation, is clean, and that your valuable items will be safe and secure throughout the rental period. 

Level Lift Loading System

Upon delivery of your storage locker for you to fill with your belongings, each storage locker is placed as level as possible on wood to protect your driveway from any damage. If we are moving the storage locker loaded, will pick up the storage locker with our level lift jacks and place the storage locker onto our truck. The storage locker will not tilt during the loading process which will help in preventing your items from shifting and becoming damaged while in transport.

Construction of our storage lockers

All of our Mobile Storage Lockers are built with quality in mind for keeping your valuable items safe and secure from the harsh NE Ohio weather. Our storage lockers are built using fiberglass walls, multiple tie down locations to keep your items secure while being transported, steel I beam floor supports, 1.5" thick floors, translucent roofs to allow light into the storage locker and roll up doors on the 18', 22' & 26' lockers. The 12' storage locker has a 4' wide swing open door. Each storage locker is locked with your lock. You are the only one with the key.

sizes of mobile storage lockers